If Your U.S. Visa Expires is There a Way to Still Be in Status?

November 29th, 2020

Is There ever a Time When Your Visa is Expired but yet your still  in status?


The answer is yes! I'll explain.


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Whenever a foreign national travels to the U.S. On a temporary non-immigrant visa, he or she is issued an I-94 record which can be accessed electronically.


As a general rule, the I-94 expiration date always rules over the visa expiration date.


. For instance we had a client whose visa issued by the U.S. Consulate abroad expired without a new application being filed to renew. 


.Panic set in, yet I knew the client had travelled frequently on their L non immigrant visa in and out of the U S. Since issuance of their visa. 


I had my paralegal go online to check the expiration of

The I-94 as we all waited with bated breath.


The Outcome was a relief. Despite the consulate issued visa expiration, U.S. customs border and patrol had approved our clients’ I-94 to remain in the U.S. for another 3 months beyond visa expiration.


We were able to successfully prepare and file a visa extension timely for 2 more years without any gap or unlawful presence accruing to the applicant; and all done while she remained in the U.S. without issue.

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